Swanland.AI is a pioneer in applying cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies for business transformation. We invest heavily in research and development and stand ready to assist businesses into the new AI world. Alongside technologies, we also provide financial and other resource commitments.

What do we do​

We are here to be your partner:  technologies, resources, and most importantly laughter along the way

Well versed in A.I. and unique in that we have our own engineering team, Swanland.AI partners with entrepreneurs who want to develop a cohesive business plan, implementation strategy and actual execution of incredible business ideas with A.I. as the backbone

We are a group of technology dreamers who believe that the advent of technologies should allow us to break the mold and find new and better ways to do things
We respect people who have deep business domain expertise and who now want to use new technologies to rock the world
We understand what it is like if someone has the idea but lacks the means to implement an idea