About Us

What do we do

We are here to be your partner:  technologies, resources, and most importantly laughter along the way


Well versed in A.I. and unique in that we have our own engineering team, Swanland.AI partners with entrepreneurs who want to develop a cohesive business plan, implementation strategy and actual execution of incredible business ideas with A.I. as the backbone

We are a group of technology dreamers who believe that the advent of technologies should allow us to break the mold and find new and better ways to do things
We respect people who have deep business domain expertise and who now want to use new technologies to rock the world
We understand what it is like if someone has the idea but lacks the means to implement an idea

Management Team

Jack Lau, Chairman​

Jack is passionate in technology, entrepreneurship and education.  A tenured professor in engineering and also a former founder, CEO, and Chairman of a listed technology company, Jack believes that with perseverance and painstaking self-correction, everything is possible.  His nearly three decades of fascination in technology has led him to publish a number of research papers, a chunk of patents, and started or help started a number of companies.  He also keeps a technology blog to share with fun vision of the technology and entrepreneurial world at www.jacklau.info 

He enjoys occasionally giving seminars on the impact of A.I. on business practice these days.  

For more information about Jack: https://www.jacklau.info/about-me

Cherry Lim, Director

Cherry has extensive experience in corporate finance, venture investments, telecoms and manufacturing. Since 2013, she has been active as an M&A advisor working with SFC- and MAS- licensed firms and also an angel investor in a number of startups. She was previously CEO of Tsing-Tech Innovations, a Hong Kong based venture and incubation fund. Before that, she worked in major Telco’s and MNC’s in Hong Kong and Singapore. Cherry has served on the board of numerous start-ups and investee companies in clean-tech and TMT. She has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida, a EMBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a P.C. in Chinese Civil & Commercial Law from Tsinghua University.