Connecting Messenger to Dialogflow through Chatfuel and Janis — A Step by Step Example (video)

Our objective here is to connect our Messenger Chatbot with Dialogflow so we can leverage on the multiple language capabilities (to be done later) and the natural language processing (NLP).

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We have settled down with a flow for this exercise.

a. Use Chatfuel to connect to Facebook Messenger

b. Use the Janis template build into Chatfuel to start the connection to Dialogflow.

A video is produced and shown below.

Take away:

(1) Janis, through Slack, provides a rather intuitive way to do the connection. When you are stuck in Janis, you can always type “add bot” to get you back on track.

(2) Through Dialogflow intent, there is a very simple way to call back function (blocks) in Chatfuel so you can go back and forth between the NLP and the Messenger.

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